What’s so great about Vegan and Organic?!

When I first started to think about getting into the vegan baking business it was simply because I could not find a really peanut buttery cookie, vegan or otherwise (I wasn’t vegan then, though like many, much of my diet was.) I figured there must be other folks looking for a really excellent, peanut buttery peanut butter cookie. The adventure was begun and I’m happy to say I still eat peanut butter cookies!

But why Vegan? Especially since I wasn’t? Maybe just to make my friends happy; to be able to share what I was eating and loving with them. Was it as simple as that? Being an avid organic veggie gardener and tree hugger probably also had something to do with it. Well whatever the reason, 4 years later (those licenses and permits necessary to run a food business sure *take the cake*) A.k.a. Marvelicious was born and yours truly is giving the ol’ vegan diet a try.

That simple peanut butter cookie has been joined by 4 other flavors, and it’s morphed to include PB and J. (We’ll get you a picture of that luscious cookie in our next installment.) The connection between animal welfare and human welfare has been made. And our next flavor will make so many of you happy, the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookie. No eggs, no dairy. Just pure good taste.

A.k.a. Marvelicious is out to Save the Planet with Vegan and Organic ….or at least help us eat our way to a better world.

Look here for info on carbon sequestration and organic agriculture, nutrient dense farming practices, how much you can reduce your carbon footprint by incorporating vegan meals into your weekly diet, recipes and more.

Join me and A.k.a. in saving the Planet… One Vegan with Organic Cookie at a time!

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